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The Building Project

Perhaps you or a pastor you know feels overwhelmed by the needs of the church acting as guardrails at the top of a cliff, as Dr. Garrett Higbee describes it. Maybe, you find yourself with an overwhelming urge to help those who are struggling with depression, addiction, grief, and trauma but just don’t know how.

God places people in this local body and gifts them in different ways so that the church may be complete and healthy. There will be those in our ministerial circles that will come to us with their concerns, faults, hopes, questions, and maybe in the darkest hours of their lives. Our mission as ministers of God’s grace, mercy and hope is not to give complete sustenance and wisdom concerning every matter under the sun, but to genuinely love and care for them in a real and effective way.

So, in what practical ways can we love those who come to us? Well just as the ER nurses receive many patients, they cannot care for them all. In many cases they are not equipped enough to care for them. Instead, it is the job of the ER nurses to triage patients into categories of how much help they will need. ER nurses can manage a lot of lower-level issues, and for you that will look like people struggling through grief, insecurity, anger, their purpose in life, decision making, financial planning, ongoing sin, worry, or stress. Yes, there will be those whom you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with and not know how to help. The greatest thing you can do for someone who is hurting is to love on them. To sacrifice your time and effort for their wellbeing. This is the simple mystery of the gospel of Christ. The gospel of Christ says it is worth my death to see you thrive. After all Christ said he came that we might have life and have it abundantly!

In every epistle we see that the unifying theme for unity and harmony within the church is love, that our witness to the world will be our love for one another, that the greatest evangelistic tool God gives us is the love of His son. Not only is this to be our reason for living in community but it should also be our motivation to move outside the bounds of our own comfort for the sake of the brethren.

When you hear that a church has a building project you may think of additions being added, renovations, or even a new facility being built. But just as the brick-and-mortar work is important, what we do, as churches, to build up the church, and investing in the people that make up the Church is far more important. We want to see churches thrive in their ability to meet all the needs of their people, physically, mentally, and spiritually, by being equipped with biblical counseling skills and resources.

The Building Project exists to equip the church to care by means of training church leaders and ministry leaders in various levels of Biblical counseling skills. We’ve found that churches often deeply desire to help others but often feel ill-equipped to do so, even those in church leadership roles. Our goal is to partner with churches to see the body of Christ become effective in its ministry to those who are seeking counsel, who are broken and hurting, both in the church and in their communities. Ephesians 4 speaks of the “equipping of the saints for ministry for the building up of the church.”

That’s exactly what we want to do.

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